Integrative Massage 
                       & Trauma Healing

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  1. -Craniosacral Therapy

  2. -Somatic Experiencing

  3. -Integrative Massage

  4. -Ayurvedic Massage

  5. -Myofacial Release

  6. - Zen Shiatsu

  7. - Reiki III degree

  8. - Energy Healing

  9. - Trauma Resourcing

  10. - Shamanic Healing

Currently Training in

  1. -Depth Hypnosis

  2. -Visceral/Deep Shock work

Tiffany Wade S.E.P.,C.M.T

Certified Advanced Massage Therapist

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


Founder & Director of:

Emergence Healing Arts Studio

4052 18th St

San Francisco, CA

My practice draws from and integrates many healing modalities, with each session being highly individualized depending on what is arising in your body. Ranging from more traditional physical massage to subtle energy techniques, I work with clients to facilitate access to their own inherent health, resilience to stress, and greater connection to themselves and their body.

I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and working with shock and trauma in the system. “Trauma” being defined as anything that is overwhelming for your self and nervous system. This can range from daily stress to a car accident or chronic anxiety.

When working with trauma, touch work is gentle and respectful, with particular attention given to not overwhelming the system. It is very different than one might be used to with a deep-tissue muscular massage. This can be especially useful when working with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety, car accidents, falls, pre/post-op surgery, or any place where the system holds a lot of "charge".

Sliding scales are always offered, and no one will be turned away for lack of financial resources.